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The Golden Haven Vision

We believe in a world where abusers are held accountable to the trauma imposed on their partners and children.  

Where trauma is understood in the court system as the systematic problem that it is, and that victims who stay do so for a large variety of complex reasons.  

Where victims are not required to educate at their expense every single judge and jury on trauma and trauma bonding.  

Where children are cared for by safe caregivers.

Where caregivers' safety is just as important as their children’s.  

Where the constitutional right to parent does not outweigh the child’s right to safety. 

How We Can Help

Difficult custody disputes can cause challenges in both the parent and the children's lives. At The Golden Haven we take a wholistic approach to support finding safety in mind, body and soul.

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Grant Opportunities

Custody legalities can be costly even when all parties are on the same page. We offer grant opportunities to offset those costs for approved applicants. Funding is awarded based on availability and need.

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Mental & Emotional Support

Taking care of our mental and emotional state is critical when we are going through difficult challenges. Every applicant is assigned a case manager to work with One on One to support you through this process.



Where would we be without our tribe? At The Golden Haven we created a community of people who have been through challenging times themselves, and it is through sharing our stories that we truly begin to heal... together.

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ABOUT The Golden Haven

Our mission is to help people fighting for custody from their abusers and their children’s abusers create safety in all areas of their lives. 

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